Database and Collaboration tools for Education

MS Access Alternative for Education

Online MS Access alternative for Education processes like student grades, student information, teacher certification, attendance, progress reports etc.

Online Database Management System for Education

Quickly create database apps to manage school administration and tracking delivery of learning to students.

Create Student and Teacher Portal

Create a portal for students, teachers and staff where you share important documents, coordinate events, post updates and more.

Online Meetings and Group Chat for Education

Keep in touch with students outside the classroom with group chat and audio/video conferencing

Automate School Workflows

Automate school processes, responsibilities and notifications with simple do-it-yourself database apps

Online HTML Forms for Education

Drag and drap web form builder to collect data online through Student Enrollment Forms, Registration Forms, Vacation requests for staff and more.

Online Collaboration for Education

All the tools you need to collaborate with students and administrators in one place - file sharing, announcements, calendars, group chat, video/audio conferencing and more.

Document Management for Education

Organize, share and collaborate on documents online - assignments, course materials, templates, presentations or anything else.